Watch our video: Ensuring electrical safety in the operating room

Operating rooms are so-called group two medical facilities where the interfaces of electrically operated medical devices are used for near-heart functions. Faulty electrical equipment can be life-threatening for the patient and staff. Even the slightest equipment failure and leakage current can lead to burns, fire and even severe electric shock. Detecting electrical problems at an early stage is an extremely important issue in the operating room.

We explain the principles of our MEV-8 insulation level monitoring system in our new video (YouTube): Electrical safety in the operating room. Our video was made at the Tampere Surgical Education Center, which is part of the operations of Tampere University Hospital in Finland. We thank the excellent staff for the cooperation during our video session.

MEV-8 video

At the beginning of the 1980s, PPO-Elektroniikka Oy developed an MEV insulation level monitoring system for this monitoring task. The first analogue equipment was completed in 1981 and the second-generation digital equipment in 1983. In the same year, the insulation level monitoring system became mandatory in Finland. The MEV system has been protecting Finnish operating rooms since that time. We have delivered over 30 000 systems and our market share is almost 100 %. In 2019, we launched the fifth generation MEV-8.We have started export with the new fifth-generation MEV-8. We currently have export partners in the UK, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brazil. We are looking for professional partners, especially in the other Nordic countries and throughout Europe.

 This is how the MEV insulation level monitoring system works 

The electric power network of the operating room is separated from the electrical grid by a medical insulation transformer. The insulation-level monitoring system monitors all the electrical devices connected behind this transformer. Units control the insulation level of the IT system, the transformer load, and temperature as well as the continuity of protective earth 24/7. The equipment indicates the faults and problems before dangerous situations arise.

It is a matter of safety, efficiency and cost savings.

MEV insulation level monitoring system

• Protect patients and staff from electric shock

• Prevents fires and burns

• Ensures that unnecessary downtime can be avoided

• Ensures that the service life of surgical equipment is extended.

Our MEV system represents sustainable development. The devices are of high quality, meet all international medical and electrical standards and are manufactured in Finland. Acquiring an insulation-level monitoring system is a small investment compared to the security and benefits it brings. The service life of our MEV system is several decades. For example, if the price of one operating room system is 5,000 euros, the daily price for a period of 35 years is 40 cents.

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