KVA Power Installations Ltd as a representative of PPO-Elektroniikka in the UK

PPO Elektroniikka Oy has entered into an agreement with KVA Power Installations
Ltd, Manchester, for MEV exports to the UK. The KVA team has a long history of working in the industry and is familiar with the electrical safety requirements of G2 medical facilities. The MEV insulation level monitoring system fits perfectly into KVA Power's current product range as they already supply emergency power systems which are always paired with insulation monitoring in the UK market.

KVA Power Installations has a wealth of experience and expertise in the supply, installation, maintenance and hire of standby generators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). The companies aim is to provide the most cost-effective, backup power solutions, to ensure critical power supplies are maintained, exactly when and where they are needed. The same ethos will apply to providing MEV-8 insulation monitoring systems within the hospital environment ensuring patient safety.KVA Power Installations logo

Based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, KVA Power Installations provide backup power systems throughout the UK to a wide range of industries, including data centres, public buildings, hospitals, healthcare facilities, telecoms, broadcasting, military and more.

The right timing for launching MEV exports

In England, patient safety has been raised as a key area for national improvement. Therefore, electrical safety is also strongly emphasized. European legislation requires isolation level monitoring equipment for all group G2 medical facilities. Sustainable solutions are being sought in the UK. Therefore, the future for MEV exports to UK is looking very promising.

MEV-8 insulation level monitoring system represents the latest technology. MEV-8 is a durable, reliable and made in Finland on the principles of sustainable development. MEV-8 is a highly competitive solution that meets all international regulatory acts and technical standards.  

Using KVA Power Installations expertise, and noting that in the UK insulation products are packed as an “isolated power supply” , KVA Power installations will be providing manufacturing expertise to bring to the market a new packaged IPS unit for medical arena which meets with local requirements and provides a state of the art offering to hospitals across the UK.  

MEV-8 Insulation Monitoring System – Electrical safety in G2 medical facilities

Detecting electrical problems at an early stage is an extremely important issue in the operating room. What starts as a minor equipment failure may lead to an electrical fire and electric shock. The breakdown of a medical device may even pose an immediate risk of death to the patient or personnel.     

The MEV system has been protecting Finnish operating rooms since 1981. 
The electric power network of the operating room is separated from the electrical grid by a medical insulation transformer. The insulation-level monitoring system monitors all the electrical devices connected behind this transformer. Units measure the insulation level of the IT system, the transformer load, and temperature as well as the continuity of protective earth 24/7. The equipment indicates the faults and problems and alerts users well before dangerous situations arise.

 Gary_Mcilvain and TImo Ohtonen

Pictured: Gary Mcilvain, Managing Director of KVA Power Installations and Timo Ohtonen, Managing Director of
PPO-Elektroniikka in PPO-Elektroniikka´s office in Helsinki.



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